About Us

Innovators, thinkers, creators – are we? YES! But not just that, we are go getters! Team D is a combination of creatives who want to use there several years of experience into doing something which can be recalled by the industry for many years to come. If we may say we “think out of the box, or “we are different” it won’t impress anyone – it definitely won’t impress us. We don’t want to be the odd ones out, but the ones who belong to the industry, who think, work and feel like normal people, but with BIG IDEAS. We can make a small idea, come to live and make BIG CHANGES for our clients and for their brand and product!

Team D is a group of survivors who even after getting the biggest shock of their professional lives have risen, because no matter where we come from, we know how to work, we understand pressure and we’ve got skills.

It's not every day that one gets pumped up to stand on its own and start a new venture, it takes guts, it takes a lot of soul, and we’ve got that. For us work is worship and we make sure our clients can see this through our services.

We don’t have big bank balance, we surely don’t have rich family backgrounds – we mean what we say and we own what is ours. That is why Team D is important to us – our clients are important to us - If you are sensible enough, you would understand, that we are not in this business to mess things up – we want to make it BIG, we want to make it LAST!

Who we are?

We believe in predatory thinking, but most importantly we believe in your brand! Work is easy, it’s the commitment that’s needed, and we are Dheet in that aspect.

What we are up to?

Everything! Our first rule of work is, never say no to a client. We cater to Digital, BTL and ATL services. We are not just marketing you 360, but also doing it 100%.

What we have done!

Its never enough when it comes to learning, and we still are learning but we have worked with some good names in the industry. If you are Brand Conscious, check out our portfolio.